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As an architect firm that is growing, D70 Studio emphasis on the field of architecture building design in a smaller scope. But with the experience of people who individually has had more than 10 years, we continue to strive to be able to work on more complex projects. Our goal is to produce a design that not only looks good aesthetically but have a presumption in favor of the creation of a sustainable built environment. In addition to architecture, our team also has the ability to design the interior and graphic design, especially the design of the logo.


Our Team




Principal Architect  |

Education Bachelor in Architecture Department of Universitas Islam Indonesia in 1992. In 2006, graduate study in the Master of Architecture, Universitas Katholik Parahyangan.
Since graduated active practice in architectural design, especially the project on the campus of Universitas Islam Indonesia. Besides architects, also a parttime lecturer in the Department of architectural Universitas Islam Indonesia


Involved in several projects managed by Badan Wakaf UII as an architect, under the coordination of the chief architect Ahmad Saifuddin Mutaqi, including the Faculty of Industrial Technology UII, UII Library Building, Unisi Hotel, JIH Inpatient Building.

Portofolio UII Project 01


As the principal architect, designed several buildings including Redesign Masjid Al Muqtasidin Faculty of Economics UII, Extension Building of Faculty of Economics UII,  Tahfidz Boarding School of UII and some of Rumah Sehat Health Clinic are spread across several regions in Indonesia.

Portofolio UII Project 02